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Project Seek and Destroy Concepts

With our re-releases of Super Batter Up! and Kitty Pot Cracker almost finished, we are ready to unveil our latest project, Seek and Destroy.

Our next game is going to be a little bit more ambitious and made for hardcore players. Its a shooter/platformer based off our INDIES VS. GAMERS game jam game. We placed 84 out of 427 which is pretty good but there is so much more to explore with the game and it was pretty quick to make. The game will feature: - Two Player Local Co-op, (Maybe online) - Cool Story to follow and explore - Save/Load Player Profiles/Preferences - Extensive Upgrade System for your Tank - Checkpoints - Epic Boss Fights and plenty of action - Destructible Environments - Runner Sections mixed with platforming Sections - Pixel Art with loads of enemies on screen - Particle effects, scaling, rotation and others - Unique Controls with Vertical/Horizontal Shooting Styles Rogue Soldier: Seek and Destroy is still in the planning stages and assets are being worked on as well. We have no release date, we just want to make it awesome! Stay Tuned, until the next time here are some concepts to chew on..have a great one!

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